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by Amy Collier

Dot Flowers Crayon Set > shop

The Dot Flowers Crayon set contains six crayons, and each crayon is comprised of multiple color dots. A simple line can lead to an unexpectedly beautiful drawing. Watch the related video.


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Mametsuki-Chawan (Porcelain rice bowl clover) by Nagae > shop
Manufactured in Seto, Aichi, Japan

Nagae’s Mametsukichawan has a wider outline than normal rice bowls so that it leaves some space between rice and the edge, which gives a special style to the bowl. The clover patterns are Nagae’s logo patterns, and they are symbols of good luck.


Cupmen designed by Akira Mabuchi > shop

“Cupmen” is a cover stopper for an instant noodle cup. A silicone man holds down the lid. It also reacts to the heat and changes color to inform you when your 3 minutes of cooking time is up.


Hitoribun by Yamanaka Lacquerware > shop
Manufactured in Kaga, Ishikawa, Japan

In order to create a piece of lacquerware, a complicated and long process is required, and at least four masters are involved. They are called Kijishi, Kikoshi, Shitajishi, and Nushi. Taniya is a group of masters who are working with the tradition. “Keyaki Hitoribun” is a recipient of GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

“Hitoribun” contains six pieces of stackable tableware which are to be used not only as a gift, but also in everyday life. Included here are one rice cup, one soup cup, three plates, and one tea cup. The lacquer is painted six times to make it as perfect as possible.


Pitacoro designed by Senichiro Watanabe > shop

“Pitacoro” is a stone-like magnet piece. They are randomly-shaped pieces just like natural stones. You can build objects by combining the pieces or use them as paper holders. It is made of silicone, so it is unbreakable, and easy to hold on to. “Pitacoro” was designed by Senichiro Watanabe. He won the grand prize at Toyama design competition 2009.


Felt Animal Book Index designed by Hiroshi Sasagawa > shop

Animal book index is a set of book dividers which keep your books organized by author or category. It also works as a marker which indicates where your book is removed. The animal silhouette like design gives an illusion as if animals are running around your books.


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