Mid-Century Swank Interiors Across America.

by Amy Collier


Eastern hemisphere of the Mapparium at The Christian Science Publishing Society

The Pioneer’s Lodge

AAUW Educational Center
Provides a setting for John Rood’s Mahogany panels “Pioneers In Progress”

Dallas–Ft. Worth Airport Lobby

One of many lobbies of the American Airlines Terminal at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport

Dining Room

AAUW Education Center

World’s Greatest Lighting Fixtures

A beautifully lighted map of the world and handsome decor create an interesting atmosphere in the lobby of the Cosmopolitan Western Hotel—a favorite spot for residents and guests in Denver, Colorado.

Doubl-L Restaurant

Complete dining facilities, including banquet service.

World’s finest roast round of beef au jus, served from our carving cart. Generous serving of our famous roast beef, featuring baked potato with sour cream, tossed salad and the kind of coffee you’ll enjoy.

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Mike Brown, a mid-century modern enthusiast and resident of Oklahoma City, collects postcards (plus vintage photo slides and all other manner of MCM goods). Above you see a sampling of lush modern interiors from his postcard collection. Visit his flickr set to see more vintage cards plus click outside of the set and see a host of other smart things. And if you are in or near the OKC area pay a visit to his beautiful shop retrOKC.

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