Vintage Travel Posters – Boston Public Library.

by Amy Collier

Mexico – Volcan Paricutin
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The Boston Public Library holds an exquisite collection of vintage travel posters. I have highlighted a few of my favorite designs here, including a heavy dose of stylized modernist gems. See more in the BPL flickr set, Away We Go! from a recent exhibit at the library which ran through the middle of October. I hope some of you Boston readers out there were able to catch the show. You can see many more vintage posters from the BPL collections here.

The Boston Public Library’s Print Department is home to more than 350 vintage travel posters, most dating from the 1920s-1940s, the “Golden Age of Travel.”

Railways opened up America and Europe, luxe ocean liners introduced elegance into
overseas voyages, and drivers took to the road in record numbers in their new automobiles. By the mid-1940s, new airlines crisscrossed the globe, winging adventure-seekers to far-flung destinations.

Travel agents and ticket offices during this period were festooned with vivid, eye-catching posters, all designed to capture the beauty, excitement and adventure of travel and to promote a world of enticing destinations and new modes of transportation. Individual artists gained fame for their distinctive graphic styles and iconic imagery, and many posters from this era still remain important works of art long after their original advertising purposes have faded.

[ All images courtesy of the Boston Public Library ]

Orient Calls
Artist: Munetsugu Satomi (1904–1995) Date: 1936

Artist: Joseph Binder (1898–1972)

Artist: Munetsugu Satomi (1904–1995) Date: 1937

Alaska via Canadian Pacific – Taku Glacier

Hunting in the USSR


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