World of Logotypes – Part 3.

by Amy Collier

Knight Accounting Services | Canada | Designed by Steve Gill

Marine Sciences | Los Angeles

Noodles Restaurant | Canada | Designed by Jim Donoahue

Leidschenhge | Holland | Designed by Benno Wissing

Minerva Detector Company | England | Designed by Michael Tucker

Nuratex | Italy | Designed by Bob Noorda

Nanni | Italy

Kyoho Company | Japan | Designed by Nishiwaki Tomoichi & Ueda Akisato

Norwegian Caribbean Lines | USA & Europe

Hans Kjell Larsen | Norway | Designed by Paul Brand

Newell Manufacturing Company | Canada

Danish Giftparcels | Denmark

More highlights from a mid-seventies edition of The World of Logotypes by Al Cooper. Eric Carl has posted a large portion of his own copy of this out-of-print book on flickr. You may have already seen some of the pages featured elsewhere but I wanted to extract in single form some of my favorite designs and feature them here on AQ-V in a multi-part series. Check out Part 1 and Part 2. I continue to choose marks based on their strong graphic quality.

I began from the back of the book moving forward—above are just a few selections from the K-N sections so it represents a very small portion of this extensive book.

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