World of Logotypes – Part 5.

by Amy Collier

Electrical Contractors Association of Northern California | USA | Designed by Robert Pease

Electrochimie Ugine (Chemical Products) | France | Designed by Philippe Gentil

Bloch | Italy | Designed by Giulio Confalonieri

Cyrus Company | Italy

Durox Building Units Ltd | England | Designed by Woudhuysen Ltd.

Electric Harvest Stores | USA | Designed by Felix Beltran

Department of Health & Social Security | England | Designed by Woudhuysen Ltd.

Move Mills Jerusalem Limited | Israel

Charlier | Belgium | Designed by Paul Ibou

The Electric Chain Company of Canada Ltd (Jewelry) | Canada

Apex Business Systems, Inc. | USA

Datum Structures Engineering | USA | Designed by Crawford Dunn

Codima Poliuretani

Above are highlights from a mid-seventies edition of The World of Logotypes by Al Cooper. Eric Carl has posted a large portion of his own copy of this out-of-print book on flickr. You may have already seen some of the pages featured elsewhere but I wanted to extract in single form some of my favorite designs and feature them here on AQ-V in a multi-part series. This is my fifth and final installment. I have chosen all of the marks based on their strong graphic quality. Check out Part 1, Part 2Part 3 and Part 4.

I began from the back of the book moving forward—above are just a few selections from the A-F sections representing a very small portion of this extensive book.

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