How Can IV Nutrition and Hydration Improve Your Health & Well-Being

Personalized IV nutrition & hydration therapies have exploded in popularity especially in Los Angeles and other cities in LA County like West Hollywood and Long Beach. IV therapies include vitamin boosters, NAD IV therapy, IV hydration, detox infusion, immunity infusions, and more. If you live in LA County and you want to leverage specialized IV vitamin and hydration services provided by highly skilled and experienced medical professionals.

The Solution offers a wide range of tailored health and well-being solutions that include metabolism and weight loss solutions, the hangover solution ( to quickly recover after a party), the endurance/athlete solution, the anti-aging solution, and the revolutionary IV NAD therapy, among other IV vitamin therapies. NAD IV therapy works by replenishing the levels of the coenzyme NAD in your body ( as we age, NAD levels gradually decrease) and fighting free radical damage that is known for causing muscle & joint pain and inflammation. NAD therapy is powerful and it’s touted as the fountain of youth.

The intravenous route is the most effective route when it comes to delivering vitamins and other nutrients because it circumvents the gut and digestion for quick and complete absorption into the bloodstream. With IV therapies provided by the trusted and licensed medical specialists at The Solution IV, you will experience only some mild discomfort because you will be given lidocaine to numb the area for the shot, especially for infusions that tend to sting like vitamin C and B complex. Other vitamin boosters include the beauty booster ( glutathione, vitamin C, and biotin), slim booster, vitamin B12 booster, immunity booster, vitamin D booster, antioxidant booster ( alpha-lipoic acid infusion), glutathione booster, and more. Glutathione is known as the king of antioxidants but it can only be delivered via the intravenous route. This is why glutathione IV therapy is very popular.

If you’re interested in giving a natural boost to your wellness, and learn more about the best IV therapies near you or you have any questions, including pricing-related. If you prefer to call the trusted, premier Los Angeles IV nutrition & hydration facility by phone, feel free to access its website to get the address and phone number for all 3 locations in West Hollywood, Hermosa Beach, and Long Beach, CA. To book an appointment at one of these locations, you can use the online form and select the service you need.