The Secret To A Healthy Spine: Important Tips

The body can be kept healthy and strong for many, many years through proper nutrition, regular exercise and physical activities, and healthy habits. Zooming into the spine, it can be kept healthy and strong through various simple and practical ways.

The secret to a healthy spine is all about properly following and doing the easy spinal health tips as prescribed by the American Chiropractic Association. These include the following:

1) Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet

Having a heavy weight puts pressure and stress on the spine. Ideally, if you keep within ten pounds of your normal weight, this will maintain your spine’s health and strength. Eating healthy, maintaining a healthy diet, and exercising regularly can significantly help you in sustaining a favorable weight for a healthy spine.

2) Sleeping properly

When sleeping on your back, about fifty pounds of pressure are put on your spine. This means that sleeping in other positions such as sleeping or lying on your side is the healthiest and safest position for you to sleep. Another tip is to put a pillow in between your knees in order to take more pressure off the spine.

3) Standing carefully and properly

While you are standing, you should place one foot slightly in front of your other foot and bend your knees slightly. This will help reduce the pressure on the lower spine. Also, you should avoid standing with your waist bent forward for a prolonged period. This could result in pressure and pain in the lower spine.

4) Lifting safely and correctly

When you are lifting, especially something heavy, make sure to avoid twisting your spine. If the item you are about to lift is way too heavy, it is best to bend your knee/s down and pick up the item by pushing your legs up while carrying the item close to your body. Never stand and bend your waist down and lift a heavy item from the ground. Moreover, if you really have to lift a heavy item, ask someone to help you.

5) Sitting properly

While you are sitting, try to keep your head and back up and your knees higher than your hips. Also maintain your lower spine’s natural curve. Last but not the least, avoid slouching or rolling forward your shoulders. These tips will reduce the pressure on your spine and maintain its strength.

6) Bending and reaching carefully

When you are reaching for something located above your shoulders or head, it is best to use a stool to stand on. This will prevent you from experiencing neck, mid-spine, and shoulder issues. Meanwhile, you should avoid bending over your waist to pick up items from the ground or a low surface. It is best if you will bend your knees until you are close to the ground and then pick the item up and lift it with your legs.

7) Carrying safely and correctly

If you are going to carry something, especially something heavy, make sure that you keep it close to your body as much as possible. If you are carrying two items, such as two grocery bags, it is best to carry one in each hand in order to distribute the items’ weight properly.

If you are having issues or problems with your back and spine, it would be best to consult with specialists including and other trusted health service providers.