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You have stumbled upon the AQ-V blog, a highly edited mix of creative nourishment and resources including art, design, illustration and typography. Plus other curiosities. Beginning in September 2013 Aqua-Velvet has quietly shifted/expanded to include vintage and contemporary modern design across more venues, in varying shapes and forms—creative interiors, studios, exteriors, public spaces, objects, art, exhibits, graphics, decor; items for the individual, home and work arena and the like—modernism across the spectrum and across the decades, past and present, all through a graphic designer’s lens.

AQ-V is the alter ego of nationally award-winning designer Amy Collier. Before returning to the university to formally become a creative professional, I was once a medical professional. So to say I have added interests in biology plus many forms of science and I love to see design and science collide. And as a former speech-language pathologist I have long had great fondness for not only spoken language but written language, letterforms and type.

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