Soviet Propaganda

Hammer and Sickle, 1980s

Tyumen Gas and Oil, 1980s

The Russian name of Tyumen city, also known as the “Oil and Gas capital” of USSR (now Russia).

High cultures to every field (agriculture), 1980s

We will complete the 5 year plan in advance!

“5 year plan” was an economical planning strategy used in the USSR.

Let there be peace on the earth!

Metal must be used in a sustainable way!
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Another installment of delicious Soviet propaganda ephemera I purchased from the Soviet Shop (formally Soviet Reality), hosted by Michail Sapoval in Lithuania. As always I look forward to expanding my collection further. Follow the shop link to see many more works including classic red and stern to eerily upbeat posters similar to examples above. In either case, it appears the Soviets were notably fond of exclamation marks. Allegiance and conformity with enthusiasm were to be encouraged obviously.

>> Soviet USSR Propaganda Posters – Part 1

Hard work, knowledge, inititative and creativity of young people,
That’s what is needed to complete the 11th Five-Year plan!

Five-Year Plan:
A form of economic planning in the USSR where the government projected what to achieve in five years such as increasing oil production and growing more crops. It was very important for enterprises to follow these plans and there were two reasons for that:

  • The most productive enterprises received lots of benefits from the government and it’s both an honour and profit.
  • In the USSR you better do what your government says or else.

The Way of Peace and Creation

Shape your destiny and live according to Lenin’s teaching. Learn and win.

Various names of industrial enterprises, food production sites, oilfields etc.

USSR Constitution excerpt

An article n20 from the USSR Constitution which in a few words says that the government encourages human development in all aspects.

Komsomol, the Communist Union of  Youth:
Prepare your annual report for the XXth meeting

Soviet Trade Unions:
The reliable support of communist party among the people

Komsomol was one of the organizations every Soviet citizen wanted to be a member of. They had annual meetings where leaders of local branches met each other. Every branch leader had to read his annual report about his branch’s achievements. These could be scientific finds, some sport achievements, art, international relations, etc.

Socialist Competition

Devoted to winners of the so called “socialist competition” or “socialist emulation”. It’s a competition between factories and other enterprises and individual workers. Those who produced more were the winners.

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Earlier this summer I purchased these intriguing, bold communist propaganda works from the shop Soviet Reality which is run by Michail Sapoval in Lithuania. This is a sample, more to come down the road. I look forward to expanding my collection. Thanks to Michail for the English translations/approximations and descriptions you read above.