3 Goals of Businesses Why They Are Using Text Messaging Service

Short Message Service Marketing or SMS Marketing is a marketing technique used by small businesses that use a text messaging tool that is permission-based to spread awareness and promotional messages to their customers. Most customers are required to opt-in or permit businesses to an automated system by texting or receiving initial shortcodes. They will store then their phone numbers in an SMS marketing software application. SMS now is the most preferable way used by businesses as this can be less expensive compared to other means of distribution and promotion.

1. To increase customer loyalty

To have more customers or clients who will keep on buying the product is always the goal of any business. Without these customers, the business won’t last in the long run as they are the source of the money and income that will receive the business. One way to increase customer loyalty is personalized text messages like when there is a new product update, more information about the company, or send text message specials. Getting in touch with them increases the chance that they will come back and keep buying the product or availing of the service especially when some discounts or promos can be avail by loyal customers. This is the best strategy that will save time and cost for the companies.

2. To build a database of subscribers

When customers sign for a form like availing of a loyalty card, they will include putting their contact number on the form. Businesses will have a database with all of their customers stored in a software application and all of this information especially their contact numbers will be placed together. This database of subscribers will be a great source of information whenever the business wants to connect with its customers. Textedly.com is the best resource that can help with sending more than 10 to 100,000 bulk text messages to various phone numbers.

3. To send important information to customers

SMS marketing is now the preferred way compared to push-notification services or email marketing. Customers can easily receive important information as long as they have telecom signals, especially informing them about upcoming deals. This can also be the best way to send significant reminders for those upcoming events that need their presence and participation and also engage them by polling their opinions by answering surveys and soliciting suggestions through text messaging. This can be a great way that customers will always get updates and to let them know that is always part of the company.