Best Hard Money Lenders in California

California Hard Money Direct is a loan company offering services in the California area for hard money mortgages and real estate financing. If you have a dream to own a property, like an apartment or a house, but your financial situation does not allow it, you came to the right place. This company is one of the bests that offer such services because they want to give the client results, not only empty promises.

What Makes California Hard Money Direct Great?

First of all, their interest rates are from 7.99%/9.50% APR. Such interest rate is hardly matched by any other loan company. In addition, they can give a loan of up to 75% of the property’s cost. The best part about this company is that they can give the client a loan even if he has poor credit. All they care about is the repaying of the loan plan by the client. If it is realistic and makes sense, they are going to give a loan. This is what separates them from other similar companies, who only care about the credit score and will instantly reject people with bad credits.

best hard money lenders in california

If you are not looking for a loan, but for an investment possibility, this company is also great. They offer 8% – 11% monthly interest paid, which is blowing away the usual 1% offered by banks. Such interest paid is hard to find, especially when this company also offers protective equity of at least 30%. You are guaranteed to passively and safely earn money each month. If you are from California, you should try to invest your money here.

Notes that you get are semi-liquid, meaning that they can be traded or sold. You will not be stuck with your money in a contract which does not satisfy you. Besides, you can choose notes which are either short or long term. As a result, this company ensures the satisfaction of your investment. All of this secures that they are not trying to profit out of you, they are trying to profit with you, from smart investments in real estate.


In brief, this company is one of the best you can choose as a person who needs a loan, or a person who wants to invest. For the former, this company offers flexible conditions to allow you to lend money, and the interest rate is considerate. For investors, they are offering great monthly returns and large minimal protective equity.