Link Building Strategies: The Complete List

With regular Penguin updates from Google, the various link practices which are in vogue are also becoming irrelevant and obsolete. Hence there is a need to look for some link building tips which are long lasting and durable and are not impacted very heavily. This has to take into account the changing algorithm of Google which continue to become tougher with each passing day. The objective should be to look for link building tactics and skills that will stand the test of time. We are sharing below some Evergreen Outreach tips which we are sure will continue to remain effective relevant and effective even when new changes are made to the algorithms of various search engines.

  1. Building Of Broken Links

If we look around there are thousands of broken links and making intelligent use of the same is a good strategy for link building. There are some obvious advantages of replacing a link that is broken. This is perhaps because most broken links are quite old and therefore they are likely to have strong PA or Page Authority. Further they also, in most cases are likely to have quality trust signals. Hence, you must try and leverage this strength to our advantage.

  1. Guest Posts That Are Relevant To Niches

Evergreen link building is also about identifying the right guest posts on real websites. They still continue to be extremely relevant and powerful. The importance of real websites cannot be ignored because these are the websites which will continue to attract traffic on an ongoing basis. These are the sites where you have actual social activity and the links are also real for all purposes. Quality guest posts have some obvious attributes to it and the same should be followed at all times. The posts should be relevant to the niche which the website is targeting.

  1. Importance Of Reclaiming 404 Link

Though there is no doubt that 404 link reclamation is one of the basic link building tips, not much importance is given to it. However, if you look at quality link building specialists, they would most certainly go for this as the primary strategy for link building. The reasons for doing so are quite simple. They are easy to reclaim, and at the same time they are also very effective and result oriented. There are a number of Google Webmaster Tools which could help you to help you to identify and pinpoint the various 404 link errors which have been crawled by Google.

The Final Word

The above are just a few of the various tips which will certainly help in what is considered as the best evergreen outreach strategies at all points of time.