3 Workers Comp Mistakes to Avoid in California

One little mistake or oversight is all that it takes for you to become responsible for the financial burden and other effects of California work injuries in 2021 and beyond. That’s why we featured the top 3 mistakes that are most common among the claims that find themselves being disqualified below.

1. Being Too Lax When It Comes to Any Required Restrictions

This includes, but is not restricted to work restrictions, weight restrictions, and any other restrictions when it comes to physical activity. You must remember that workers’ comp benefits, in California just as it is in every other state, is provided by an insurance company who was paid a premium by employers in case someone got hurt on the job.

In exchange for the premium, the company pro4viding the coverage would take on the cost of any medical expenses and lost wages should anything happen to the covered employee(s) due to no fault of their own. Basically, alleviating the employer of the cost of liability in such cases.

2. Failure to Be Honest About the Injury/Accident At Work

Everything that you say, show, or do, when it comes to a workplace accident, will surely be documented without overlooking any piece of the details. There are two reasons for this when it comes down to the fact of the matter. The insurance company must ensure that they owe for each claim they pay out on, and the company must reduce (if not eliminate) their liability.

It is critical that you are honest about how you feel, what happened, as well as everything else about your claim. This way, you won’t be at risk of forfeiting your right to be reimbursed for lost wages and any other financial expenses you may have or will incur from it.

3. Letting an Employer Trick One into Not Embracing Other Options

This may seem like a shady tactic, but it’s one that is used more often than not. At least that’s the way it seems among today’s modern workforce. The employer will try to hold the employee’s job above their head if they refuse to come in or if they refuse to ignore the event.

While unethical, it tends to work more often than one may think. Mainly due to employees thinking they’re between a rock and a hard place, without any other choice. No matter what the case may be, ensure you know your options so you can see what’s in your best interest.

You have to the right to legal counsel, should you feel that it needs to be taking to that level to see the fairest results possible. If you’re in California, check out the cwilc.com for all of your needs, as they cover everything from personal injury to workplace law. Not to mention, it seems that they have come highly recommended by our visitors over the years.