Many are times when tenants disobey the apartment’s rules and still go-ahead to drill holes on their homes’ walls. However, some landlords are very strict when it comes to hole drilling on the walls; you wouldn’t dare. You might find yourself in such a situation. So here are free ideas where you can hang your curtains without drilling holes. From using curtain rod brackets to using command hooks, below are more ideas.

Use Temporary Command Hooks

A tension rod will not work for those who love and prefer the look of a real curtain rod. You could steal an idea from photoshoots. Photographers do not drill holes in their studios. Command hooks will come in handy. They are used to hand pictures on walls. These hooks are designed to hold curtain rods.

Hang Curtains using Tension Rods

When it comes to using tension rods, it all depends on the kind of look you want to achieve. You can place the rod on top of the window if you want maximum coverage. Or, you can place it lower if you want to achieve a country-curtain style of hanging.

Some tension rods stretch from one side to another. The stretching makes them suitable to hang curtains. If you have outdated paned windows, then tension rods are for you. If you are hanging lightweight curtains and sheer, you could pair them using a thin curtain rod.

Order Custom Compression Shades

Staying in a rental apartment with a strict landlord might cost you. Well, if you don’t mind spending a little extra, you could order custom-cut blinds. A good number of different companies offer blinds that come with a compression system. These blinds come in different degrees of light.

Make sure you choose a compression system that is more suitable for you and the apartment that you are staying in. choose a compression shade that has a simple compression system. If you get one with an adhesive strip, it could damage the paint on top of the window frame.

Buy Twist & Fit Curtain Rods

You could use the same theory as a tension rod. Use twist and fit curtain rods are secured across a window. The twist and fit curtain rods give an impression of a hook and a detached rod while it’s all one piece.


Using Curtain rod brackets is a common way of hanging your curtains without drilling holes on your wall. There are quite a number, some mentioned above, ways of hanging your curtains without hole drilling.