How to Use a Bidet: The Wonders of This Efficient Personal Hygiene Tool

With water, you can clean almost anything. We use water for our laundry, to wash our car, and to clean ourselves. After taking a bath, we feel relaxed and refreshed. So why not use water to clean our bottom after using the toilet? 
The use of bidet is not popular in some countries. Some are still using tissue napkins in their bathroom. What they don’t know is that they are missing on these three benefits of using a bidet. 

For Better Personal Hygiene 

The use of bidet like those from Bidet Plus can make you feel clean, removing all residue from your skin after you use the bathroom. In most countries like Japan, European countries, and Asian countries, at least 75% of their homes have bidet because it makes them feel cleaner as compared to when they use a tissue. 

It is Eco-Friendly 

If you are going to use tissue after using the bathroom, how many sheets of paper will you use to feel completely clean? In a year, how many sheets are you going to use? To produce such a number of sheets of tissue, how many trees are needed to be cut? This is something that we don’t have to worry about with bidet. 

The use of bidet reduces the need and use for tissue paper in the bathroom, hence we can save some trees from being cut down. Even if you are using recycled tissue papers, you should know that to recycle a tissue paper, it needed bleaching and bleaching process produces dioxin, a product that is known to cause cancer.

It is Beneficial for People with Medical Conditions.

There are different kinds of a bidet and they differ in designs. Some comes with adjustable control for water stregnth and temperature. You can check the different examples of bidets from Bidet Plus. You can find a bidet that can be used as sprayer or bidet seat for elderly and those with medical conditions. 

The use of bidet is very easy. Most bidets come with instructions on how to use it. For bidet seats, you can adjust the water temperature and the strength of the water before using it to wash. There is a control that you can push to release the water from the jet. For better use, test the jet first and check the strength of the water coming out from it. Once you get used to it, you will find that it is easier to use than pulling sheets of tissue every time you need to use the bathroom.