What do You See a Gastroenterologist For

Of all types of cancer, the colorectal form of this disease is the third most diagnosed in the United States. If left untreated, it can kill you. Fortunately, receiving preventive treatment from Dr. Shahram Daneshgar, identified by many Californians as “the best gastroenterologist near me”, can make all of the difference.

Most gastroenterologists, also known as GI specialists, recommend that you receive your first colonoscopy at age 45, with follow-ups every five years. This test uses a long, flexible instrument called a colonoscope to view the colon and rectum. With the camera that is attached to one end, images are taken and transmitted onto a screen. The GI specialist is then able to assess your colorectal health, removing any abnormal growths or polyps. It is these polyps that can frequently be pre-cancerous. Once removed, the danger of them becoming malignant is averted.

Many people are embarrassed by certain parts of their bodies, particularly those having to do with going to the bathroom. Therefore, they avoid getting a colonoscopy because of the bowel preparation that must be done a day before the test. However, the reality is that the advantages of getting regular screenings far outweigh the few hours of inconvenience and minor discomfort involved. The upside is that a colonoscopy truly could save your life. Because of the calming medications given to you before the procedure, you probably won’t even remember it.

If you are 45 or older or have immediate family members who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, consulting with a gastroenterologist such as Dr. Shahram Daneshgar should be a regular part of your physical maintenance regimen. Give yourself the gift of good health by taking this vital step today. It just might save your life.